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Rocky Anderson Zombie Campaign Stumbles On After Americans Elect Suicide

There’s nothing more creepy than a political campaign that doesn’t know that it’s dead. That’s what’s happened to the Rocky Anderson for President campaign, though. He’s crossed over to the shadowy terrain of corporate politics, but he still thinks that he’s the same as he ever was. Rocky Anderson is like a zombie, shuffling and moaning, and trying to go through the motions, as if his campaign still has life in it, while everyone on the outside can see that it’s all over now.

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NASA Explores Lost Mythical Continent and Zombie Scientist

Today’s headline: Astronauts inspect Atlantis while chasing Hubble I knew it! I just knew it! What secret powers does the Lost Continent possess to reanimate long-dead scientists? What ancient wisdom awaits if only we will explore? And yet, even with these staggering findings, the Obama

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Sarah Palin To Lead Zombie Republican Army

My favorite headline today: Can Palin resurrect the GOP? I can picture it now: Sarah Palin at the head of an army of Republican zombies, staggering through the streets, looking for the brains of elites to eat, moaning drill, baby, drill as parts of their

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