Rush Limbaugh, listen closely. I'll use small words to help you out. This Slut knows what she wants. This Slut is in charge of her own body. This Slut pays attention. This Slut isn't about to let the likes of you take away her rights. This Slut is one of the ones who votes.

Note: we briefly offered a bumper sticker with a different phrase here at Irregular Times, but a person who is apparently not the originator of the idea pushed us into taking it down. That person wants to be the only person in the world who can offer a sticker with the words you're thinking of as an expression of outrage at the idea that a strong woman who controls her own body should sit down, shut up and make pornographic videos of herself for the pleasure of overweight Republicans. We'd fight it on principle, but we're not rich and can't afford a lawyer. C'est la vie, and you can certainly find that bumper sticker, complete with a vagina on it, if you hit Google. Instead, you can find below some links to buttons, stickers, shirts and posters that don't use the exact phrase you have in mind but express the idea that so-called "Sluts" are ready to hit back against sexism on Election Day.
... and they wonder why the Sluts aren't voting Republican this year (bumper sticker on the Rush Limbaugh contraception equals slut fiasco)

Slut Voter

Sluts Vote

Sluts Vote Red
Sluts Vote bumper sticker with Rosie the Riveter rolling up her sleeve

This Slut Just Wrote to Your Advertisers T-Shirt remixing WWII propaganda posters
Use of Contraception makes a woman Smart, not a Slut T-Shirt

Frustrated Republican Elephant hits his head with his hand and asks in exasperation, you mean SLUTS VOTE?  Whodathunk? (Anti-Republican, Pro-Woman T-Shirt)