The Ribald Reign of King George the Second

Bush Wins, Bush Loses

December 12, 2000

No denying it now, boy is George W. dumb -- dumb enough to win a Presidency that no politician with any grey matter in his head would ever want. The post-election maneuvering reminds me of the old Warner Brothers cartoon schtick between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck where they argue in front of Elmer Fudd over whether it's wabbit season or duck season. Dumb old Daffy Duck ends up getting his little brain so befuddled that he insists at the end of the debate that it's duck season and swears it's time for Elmer Fudd to shoot. Well, it's Bush season and the gun of political partisanship has been loaded ever since Gingrich led the hunt for the Lewinsky fox.

There's little doubt that the next President will be the among the least remarkable in history. With the popular majority voting for Gore, and with strong arguments that Gore also had enough real votes to capture the Electoral College majority, most Americans will regard President George W. Bush with condescending pity at best, degrading into inevitable contemptuous disregard as he takes an office which the nation is unsure he has earned. Why, even Supreme Court Justice Stevens admits that the real winner of this election will probably never be known.

Daddy won't be able to bail Junior out of this one. Bush's lack of experience and defensive, inarticulate boband snicker will only serve to make matters worse. A President-Elect who's never nailed down the vision thing won't last long against a nation waiting for him to make his first mistake.

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