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Part of our set of Anti-McCain Buttons, Magnets and Bumper Stickers for these Irregular Times

This design begins with the traditional stereotypical Halloween vision of a witch, flying on a broomstick with a hat and hair flying behind. But then it turns that image on its head by giving that witch a banner to hold as she flies, a banner that declares Witches are Against Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has participated in anti-witchcraft ceremonies and has spent time palling around with witch hunters who are part of a movement that has picked people to persecute throughout Africa and elsewhere. Sarah Palin is intolerant of the right of other religions such as Wicca to exist as part of the American religious tapestry. So hold your banner high, fellow Wiccan: you're a witch, all right, and you're not about to let a bigot like Sarah Palin make it to the White House!

2.25 inch Witches Against Sarah Palin button -- $3.45 including shipping

5 pack of 2.25 inch Witches Against Sarah Palin buttons -- only $10.35 including shipping (a 40% discount)

2.25 inch Witches Against Sarah Palin magnet -- $3.45

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